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Appliance Repairs Oxford

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Here at Washing Machine Repairs Oxford, not only are we experts in washing machine and washer dryer repairs, we are also capable of carrying out repairs to a range of other household appliances. No matter what the problem, we have a repair team available to provide you with the efficient, affordable repairs you've come to expect from us.

Cooker & Oven Repairs

Cookers and ovens, like all household appliances, are frequently used and relied upon to provide daily services. As a result, they are prone, over time, to suffer breakdowns and damages, leading to much-needed repairs. Luckily, our expert team of cooker and oven Appliance Repairs engineers are on hand to supply you with the help you need to get your cooker or oven working perfectly again.

Microwave Repairs

Microwaves are an invaluable appliance in any modern home and allow you to cook and defrost food quickly and easily. However, faults can and do occur and it is essential that you have any problems remedied by professional microwave Appliance Repairs engineers. Our excellent standards mean that you'll never be disappointed with the work we do, so give us a call if you're having problems.

Dishwasher Repairs

Dishwashers are found in most homes and are the perfect solution to easing household jobs. Yet this reliance and frequent use can mean that your dishwasher can suffer from damage including leaks, faulty programmes and blocked pipes. If this has happened to your dishwasher, please don't hesitate to give us a call; we'll send a member of our team to you in no time!

Fridge Freezer Repairs

Finding that your fridge freezer has a problem can be worrying, and it is often tempting to simply buy a new one. Instead, why not give us a call? Our team are experts at repairing all makes and models of fridge freezer, and have dealt with all manner of problems swiftly and reliably. Our prices are some of the most competitive in Oxford, so get in touch today to arrange an appointment!

Tumble Dryer Repairs

Tumble dryers are the perfect modern commodity and allow you to dry clothes quickly and easily, making them perfect for busy modern homes. However, if yours is not working as it should be or you think there might be a fault, give us a call today and we will guarantee to have the problem solved in no time.

Appliance Repairs Oxford

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